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Skin Care

Innovation for targeted skin care solutions

Our personal care portfolio offers a range of premium innovative products that target specific skin care needs. These include ingredients that deliver an array of textures, aesthetics and formulation chassis coupled with performance-driven and science-based functional ingredients. Learn more about each of our skin care product categories below.


Our moisturizer product portfolio targets skin hydration, including traditional well-known humectants such as glycerin, petrolatum, silicones, emollients, oils, butters and waxes. We also offer innovative unique ingredients that target deep-level hydration, going beyond the surface.

Anti-aging and Treatments

Our innovative science-based ingredients address all skin care needs. Our product line has an array of ingredients that are well-documented and clinically supported. Many are multi-functional and target several skin care issues with just one product. These vary from traditional peptides to unique potent cocktail blends to cutting-edge, technology-driven actives.

We also offer a complete portfolio of Ecocert® and Cosmos® approved natural botanical extracts with supporting in-vivo and in-vitro clinical studies. Additionally, our well-established chemical exfoliation treatments include a wide selection of alpha and beta hydroxy acids.

Couple these functional ingredients with the right formulation chassis comprised of elastomers, emollients, emulsifiers and polymers, and you have a winning formula.


Our portfolio covers a vast array of specialty anionic, amphoteric, nonionic surfactants. From traditional-based sulfates to sulfate-free options and naturally derived surfactants, we have your surfactant bases covered.

Whether it is a natural-based or a traditional system, we have the winning combination of synergistic ingredients that offer low skin irritation, excellent foam performance and viscosity profile that can be used in any cleansing system, including face wash, body wash, micellar water-based cleansers and scrubs, to name a few.


The men’s skincare market is steadily growing, and the demand for more sophisticated formulations is on the rise. Our specialty surfactants, fatty acids, skin conditioners, foam modifiers, sensory ingredients and soothing actives should be part of your go-to ingredient toolbox. Our product bank also contains an extensive selection of ingredients that add slip, lubricity and glide to shave formulations.

Antiperspirant and Deodorant

The health and wellness trend has significantly impacted the global growth for antiperspirants and deodorants. Our team is ready to help you to differentiate your formulations and dominate the market. We have a vast array of ingredients from traditional to natural, including structuring agents, solubilisers, natural actives, humectants, emulsifiers, emollients, feel modifiers and fatty acids.

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