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Hair and Scalp Care

Performance on every level

Hair care products are expected to continue to offer new higher-quality formulations with multifunctional benefits. Our portfolio of innovative functional ingredients provides you the flexibility to optimize aesthetics without sacrificing performance and satisfy the demands of the modern beauty consumer. Learn more about each of our hair and scalp care product categories below.

Shampoos and Co-Washes

Whether sulfate-free, clarifying, texture controlling, high oil, or co-washing, Univar offers a broad portfolio of specialized, highly functional ingredients that deliver the soft, luxurious feel consumers look for in shampoo.

We provide specialized surfactants, surfactant compatible conditioners, thickeners, silicone emulsions and copolymers to help you execute your product brief for aesthetics, cost, performance, and claims.

Our innovative formulations help you create targeted, customized shampoo products to meet diverse market trends and consumer demands—from moisturizing, shine and age-defying hair repair to targeted conditioning, improved softness and reduced flyaway benefits.

Conditioners & Hair Masks

Consumers are looking for conditioning hair products that give them long-lasting benefits for soft, smooth, beautiful hair. Leverage our impressive assortment of highly specialized and substantive cationic polymers, silicone and emulsifier blends, esters, oils, and butters to create your chassis of unmatched innovation in hair conditioning and treatment.


Consumers are seeking styling products that improve manageability and control in keeping with the latest trends. Customers around the world want the confidence that their hair looks and feels fantastic. They want multi-functional styling products that provide the right combination of qualities and ingredients to help them achieve and protect their desired look.

Find the perfect balance between hold, shine, and aesthetics to meet the needs of all hair textures. Combine with acrylate polymers, waxes, neutralizers, and cold process rheology modifiers with specialty silicones, esters, and conditioning blends to create novel styling applications in unique textures.

Hair Colour

While shoppers look for bold new looks with hair colour, they are also looking for products that diminish damage, dryness and colour degradation while enhancing brightness, intensity and protection. Our product portfolio offers colour-protecting silicone ingredients, sunscreen actives, pH and salt tolerant emulsifiers and thickeners, as well as preservatives.

Scalp Care

Let us help you stimulate, exfoliate and rebalance the scalp to maintain a healthy microbiome by incorporating Ecocert® and Cosmos® approved Korean flower extracts, our high-purity pharmaceutical-grade salicylic acid, and more. We also carry salt-tolerant ingredients to meet the challenges of formulating anti-dandruff shampoos.

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