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Sun Care & Anti-pollution

Protection is the best foundation. Stay far ahead of the curve with our custom prototype formulation designed to protect and restore.

Anti-pollution Velvet Veil

Don’t let pollution get under your skin!

Anti-pollution skin protection is one of the top emerging trends in skincare.

HydraSynol™ DOI (Ecocert Approved Material)
Stimulation of Aquaporin 3 (restores water balance). Modulates tight junction, desmosomes, and differentiation genes/proteins, reducing TEWL. Restores skin homeostasis by stimulating E-Cadherin.

Synovea® EL – Ethyl linoleate (EL)
Skin barrier function, maintains PH, sebaceous gland activity reduction, reduces inflammation.

DermaPep™ A440
A powerful peptide that protects collagen breakdown. Protective against pollution like radicals and inflammatory cytokines.

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