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Hair Care

Nothing speaks to individuality quite like hair. At Univar Solutions, we’ve created the following prototype hair product formulations to address consumers’ most common needs.

Powercell Charger Hair Mask with Creatine

Treat your tresses with a single treatment for very damaged hair.

This powerful hair-repairing mask is an intense treatment for brittle, damaged hair, providing complete renewal and intense strength as it helps restructure and rehydrate the hair fibre.

DOWSIL™ HMW 2220 Non-ionic Emulsion
This high molecular weight emulsion has multifunctional benefits, including repairing heat damage due to high molecular weight.

DOWSIL™ 2-2078 Fluid
Fluid provides superior, long-lasting shine. It straightens and smoothens curly, frizzy hair.

DOWSIL™ 2-8566 Amino Fluid
Protects hair from heat damage; brings long-lasting conditioning without product buildup.

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Restorative Moisturizing Conditioner

Strengthen hair and repair damage for a renewed look.

This lightweight powerful colour-retaining hair conditioner hydrates, enhances elasticity, and adds a deep shine without weighing your hair down.

Argan Oil
Hydrates and enhances elasticity while restoring smooth feel and improving manageability.

DOWSIL™ CE-8411 Smooth Plus Emulsion
Smooth Plus Emulsion. This emulsion has three key benefits: improving look, enhancing appearance and easing efficacy.

DOWSIL™ CE-7080 Smart Style
Smart Style adds bounce, hold and flexibility. It helps define curls and makes hair feel smoother and easier to comb.

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Sulfate-Free Conditioning Shampoo

A transparent sulfate-free option for your locks.

This innovative silicone polyether microemulsion can deliver a unique combination of hair repair and colour protection benefits without sacrificing hair volume.

DOWSIL™ CE-1874 Microemulsion
Increases the fullness of thin, tired-looking hair.

EcoSense™ 3000
EcoSense 3000 (Decyl glucoside) is naturally derived and mild to the skin. This is an excellent choice for a natural sulfate-free surfactant system. Ecocert approved.

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Flaunt It! Unwash Cleansing Conditioner

The Swiss army knife of hair care with 6 solutions in one product.

It’s not a shampoo replacement—it’s a hair care supplement. It is designed to be incorporated into the weekly hair regimen cycle to give your hair the necessary break from traditional surfactant systems.

DOWSIL™ HMW 2220 Non-ionic Emulsion
A unique silicone polymer that helps with the cleansing of dirt from hair.

AMP-Ultra™ PC 2000
AMP-Ultra™ PC provides the performance strength needed to help great hair last and is the preferred neutralizing amine for the industry.

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