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Univar Solution’s custom personal care prototype formulations put the spotlight on innovative concepts that match global trends with huge market potential. Personal care is a market that is highly driven by the latest trends which go hand in hand with the latest developments in formulation chassis. We create a unique sensory experience, textures such as fast break emulsions, fresh burst effect water gels, low viscosity sprays, light serums, luxurious creams and anything in between.

Each prototype is designed to inform, inspire and help you formulate new products. Our prototype formulations feature specialty ingredients that you can use to create desired beauty outcomes that align with consumer trends. Pulling from our innovative product portfolio, Univar Solutions Beauty and Personal Care experts will guide you toward the ingredients you need to answer their demand. Learn more about our prototype formulations below.

Hair Care

Nothing speaks to individuality quite like hair.

Skin Care

Keeping every type of skin looking and feeling beautiful.


Designed to live out every shade of pretty.

Sun Care & Anti-pollution

We know that protection is the best foundation.

Formulation Kits

Our themed kits are one stop for all the latest trends.