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Beyond just dyes and pigments

Dare to inspire with colour that goes beyond just dyes and pigments. Our performance pigments offer a broad portfolio of pigments, including classical, high performance, inorganic, metallic, organic, pearlescent, preparations, and synthetic mica pearls. We provide customers with solutions tailor-made for their individual needs.

Our vibrant offerings of dyes and pigments, combined with the high-performance functional and specialty ingredients needed to create unique and lasting aesthetics, ensure you stay ahead in this dynamic category. Learn more about each of our colour product categories below.


For foundations, BB creams, CC creams, concealers and powders, create the perfect shades with our extensive line of organic and inorganic effect pigments, in addition to the choice of natural and synthetic mica options.

Develop the perfect formulation base to showcase these pigments. Focus on optical blurring and wrinkle masking effects with our selection of silicone elastomer blends, oil-phase thickeners, acrylate-based polymers and synthetic waxes. Don’t forget to protect with our premium and standard UV sunscreen filters and UV boosters.


Dazzle with our palette of pearlescent pigments (FDA-certified organic colorants on synthetic mica substrate) to deliver high-intensity eye shadows, eyeliners, and eye pencils that keep pace with beauty and fashion trends. Leverage our hypoallergenic, ultra-pure AMP neutralizer to help ensure the safety performance of your mascaras.


Leverage our technical expertise and portfolio to deliver lipsticks and lip glosses ranging from shiny to matte and sheer to full coverage, with transfer resistance and long wear. Optimize shades, aesthetics, and performance with our FD&C and D&C lakes and pigments, specialty silicone film formers, emulsifiers and dispersing aids, binders, waxes, and much more.


Nail your polishes with our pigments, FD&C and D&C lakes, phthalate-free plasticizers, and ultra-pure neutralizers for enhanced pigment dispersion and clarity. Choose from our solvents, emollients, skin conditioners, oils, and organic butter options to deliver optimized cuticle care products.

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