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About Us

We are the experts.

We offer customers and suppliers global reach and unprecedented formulation expertise, delivered via our network of technical development specialists. Our extensive logistics capabilities give us an industry-leading position in terms of market penetration while our sales force provides focused, reliable and quality customer relations across Canada.

We are your partner.

Whether you are experimenting with green, natural or sulfate-free formulation, looking for information on implementing sustainable processes, or trying to understand how new products and proven standbys can work together to help you meet market trends, Univar Solutions is there to partner with you every step of the way. We offer you expertise at every stage of product development, from concept and formulation to regulatory, commercialization and marketing.

We are innovative.

We are not just your product distributor. We offer you a complete suite of services to help ensure your products meet the latest trends driving today’s markets. Our global vantage point allows us to gain insight into tomorrow’s trend landscape, ensuring we are always able to offer the latest innovations and products to our customers. Our technical development specialists formulate new concept prototypes and develop technology- and ingredient-based solutions to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Meet The Team


QC Region Sales

Karen Gunn
General Sales Manager

Nancy Balanca
Senior Account Executive

Susan Ang
Account Coordinator


ON Region Sales

Rob Castillo
Sales Manager

Mona Azarin
Senior Account Executive

Nathaniel Chow
Account Manager



BC Region Sales

Dan McAdams
General Sales Manager

Sarah Goncalves
Account Manager


Personal Care Industry Leads

Zohreh Fakhim
National Industry Manager

Clodagh McCarthy
Regional Technical Development Specialist

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