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Prepare to be AWESTRUCK

Prepare to be AWESTRUCK

:filled with awe or revealing awe

Japanese beauty, or J Beauty, is steeped in history and tradition and is often inextricably tied to water. This connection traces back to the Heian period of 794-1185 where people would gather dew to use as a softening lotion or essence. Using silky textures, green ingredients and delicate applications, J Beauty is all about the senses and the experience of caring for the skin. We’re excited to bring you four new product inspirations based on this timeless approach to beauty.

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Step 1 – Magic Eraser Cleans

Cleansing Oil 

This nutrient-rich cleansing oil provides the right balance between nourishment and a light sensory feeling. Featured ingredients include:


A 100% natural anionic emulsifier which requires a minimal use level, between 1-3%. It can emulsify up to 40% oil.


Can be mixed with different oils to be used as a self-emulsifying product. When it is mixed with water, it instantly converts into an emulsion.


Works synergistically with IMWITOR® liteMULS to improve the emulsifying effect. It is the perfect refatting agent in cleansing formulas, to help prevent dry skin.

Softisan® GC8

A 100% natural multifunctional ingredient. Properties include preservative boosting. It can also be used as a solubilizer for hydrophilic ingredients in lipophilic bases.

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Step 2 – Aqua Silk Moisturizer

This easy-to-use light emulsion can be used anytime anywhere. Featured ingredients include:


The ideal natural emulsifier for cool, light, soft emulsions. It is a sunflower-based anionic O/W emulsifier. It can be used in both hot and cold process formulations, with minimal use levels. It provides a nourishing long lasting skin feel without a tacky after feel.

Softisan® 100

A soft lipid, builds body and structure to an emulsion. It provides a smooth after feel, leaving the skin soft and nourished. The sharp melting point allows for rapid processing, allowing it to improve solidification. It can be used in multiple applications such as skin care, colour cosmetics, lip care and sun care.

Oriental Tea Complex™

A special blend composed of six different popular teas including persimmon leaf, cinnamon bark, Japanese mugwort leaf, chrysanthemum flower, Chinese quince fruit,
and green tea leaves.

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Step 3 – Marvel Mist Facial Spritz 

This rapid-absorbing refreshing spritz can be patted onto your skin with a cotton pad or sprayed directly onto your face. Featured ingredients include:

Dowsil™ ES-5373 Formulation aid

O/W) emulsifier which enables high oil phase load and it is low odour. It can emulsify silicones and natural emollients.


Rheology modifiers that provide the technology to thicken, enhance texture, provide suspension and stability across many product applications.

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Step 4 – Pure Satin Primer Balm

This luxurious velvet face balm provides the perfect template for make-up application. Featured ingredients include:

EcoSmooth™ OptiTouch

Provides a soft focus effect with a visual reduction of lines and skin imperfections, while delivering a superior matte effect.


A specially designed formulation consisting of a high molecular weight silicone elastomer, volatile dimethicone fluids, beeswax and cosmetic powders.

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