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Keepin’ it Real

Keepin’ it Real

Beauty is about being individual and authentic. Keeping up with the demand for personalized beauty, Univar is breaking down the barriers with formulations that encourage consumers to be true to themselves. Univar’s expert technical team can help you adapt or expand any of the following prototype formulations to align to your brand and consumers. Request any individual formulation, or request the full kit using the form at the bottom of this page.

Let’s reset the definition of beauty together!

Mystical Unicorn Lip stain & Glossy Overcoat

An oil resistant long wear lip stain with a mystical holographic high shine glossy overcoat.

DOWSIL™ BY 25 337 Formulation Aid

A W/O and W/Si emulsifier, with a high degree of clarity, low odor. Ideal for medium to high viscosity systems. It can be used in a wide range of personal care applications including skin care, colour cosmetics, sun care, hair care and deodorants.

DOWSIL™ FA 4103 Acrylate Emulsion

China Compliant, Low D4 & D5, water dispersible flexible film former. Excellent long lasting, sebum resistant, transfer resistant properties.

Versagel® SQ 500T

A gelled squalane product, with exceptional moisturizing abilities. It penetrates the skin to deliver benefits. It closely mimics the body’s natural moisturizers and is absorbed quickly and effectively, without leaving greasy residue on the skin. Squalane is a non-GMO, plant-derived ingredient, it is ECOCERT approved, and is readily biodegradable.

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Stress Defense Water In Balm

This day cream promotes skin barrier building and balance. It delivers nourishment with effective anti-aging peptides and an effective linoleic acid derivative active.

DOWSIL™ 2503 Cosmetic Wax

This is a silicone wax melting at the temperature of the skin. Provides humectant properties helps with TEWL and can provide structure.

DOWSIL™ EL-7040 Hydro Elastomer Blend

A unique elastomer that provides a vast array of textures and effects. It is compatible with both water based systems’ and organics. Due to its hydrophilic nature, it increases formulation flexibility while delivering. Dare to deliver differentiated textures. From silky-smooth,sheer coverage to soft, refreshing moisturizers. The versatility gives the flexibility to create a range of exciting textures, from rich creams and airy mousses to structured gels.

Synovea® EL

Maintains barrier function & stratum corneum acidity. Reduces sebaceous gland activity & regulates follicular keratinization

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Rescue Remedy Pressed Serum

This K Beauty inspired formula provides a truly unique experience with its transforming texture; it is supercharged with a unique blend of 5 powerful peptides. Fortified by Portulaca extract, with proven anti-inflammatory, skin soothing and anti-oxidant activity.

Aculyn™ 28

A unique emulsifying polymer that provides a jelly- like texture, it has a sheer thinning effect upon application, enabling the transforming texture.

DOWSIL™ EL-8048 ID Silicone Organic Blend

A versatile Silicone Elastomer, which enables time saving products. It has the ability to control the release of actives over several hours. It has a wide compatibility profile, with both organics and silicones, a low D4/D5 content and it is China approved.

Portulaca Extract-TLS

This is a natural choice for dry and sensitive skin. The source of this extract, P. Oleracea, is well known in oriental herbal medicine and is one of the richest green plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Recent scientific research showed that P. Oleracea exhibited a wide range of biological activity including anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and wound healing activities.

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Punk it up hair ringing gel

Unique clear hair pomade gel designed to control and tame curly, frizzy, coarse hair. It provides a full array of benefits including frizz control, curl retention, definition, natural styling and long lasting benefits.

DOWSIL™ 3901 Liquid Satin Blend

This is a very diverse polymer that can be used in all personal care segments. It has a very unique texture and rheology, providing a playful element to your formula. It has a satin like feel with benefits such as frizz control, ease of styling, hair alignment, heat protection.

ACUDYNE™ 1000 Hair Styling Polymer

This is a dual phase polymer which delivers all day hold for hair styling with excellent humidity resistance.

AMP-ULTRA™ PC 2000 (5% water)

This is the perfect choice for neutralizing. It is globally approved for personal care use. It has additional hair care benefits including outstanding high-humidity curl retention (HHCR). It improves wash ability and elasticity of resins. It creates long-lasting colour/wash-fastness with lower odor than ammonia. Improves colour stability and clarity of gels. Provides best-in-class compatibility with commonly used resin and propellant systems.

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Rest Reset Recharge Sleep mask

Recharge your dehydrated skin while you sleep with this innovative sleeping pack. It’s formulated with a groundbreaking innovative active ingredient that deliver high doses of moisture to stressed, parched skin providing immediate and long term relief. Features:

Leafresh Extract

Provides skin protection against environmental factors, extracted from a lotus leaf, cultivated in Jeju
Island. Provides skin protection against environmental factors. Powerful anti-oxidant activities, antiphotoaging,
cell protection against PM2.5.

HydraSynol™ DOI

Groundbreaking functional formulation delivers an even longer-lasting glow and continuous hydration as it contains Hydrasynol™ DOI, a smart skin hydrator and skin barrier builder. It is effective and provides immediate and long lasting skin hydration.

ACULYN™ Siltouch Rheology Modifier

Gives formulators more options for creating light skin feel products. It has excellent in-use sensory feel -non-tacky, light, and enables a wide variety of textures from lotions to butter-like textures. Efficient at building viscosity and emulsifying oils. Easy to use, just pour and mix. It can be used in formulas with a wide PH range, including hydroxyl acids.

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Moisturizing Silk Meringue Shower Foam

A gentle cleansing system that cares for your skin. Moisturizing Silk Meringue Shower Foam helps support your skin’s natural
moisture barrier as you cleanse. Features:


A water dispersible wax with a low melting point, literally melts upon skin contact. It has many great benefits including moisturizing, tackiness reduction, and foam boosting. It is very versatile in terms of applications, can be used in, cleansing, leave-on skin care, and colour cosmetics.


A diverse Silicone Polyether. It is compatible with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients and can function as a foam builder that forms dense, stable foam; it imparts a soft, silky feel to hair and acts as a humectant and emollient in skin care products.


This is a highly active powder surfactant based on Amino acids; these are the building blocks for protein. Amino acid surfactants not only do they have mildness on hair and skin, with a low Zein score, but also they have a good toxicity profile, excellent foaming and good biodegradability.

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